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be.here.now is a not for profit, whose mission is to educate all on the practice and benefits of mindfulness.

So come explore our free mindfulness education and resources to support your mindfulness practice.

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What is Mindfulness?

Our mind can wander and we can become preoccupied with thoughts about something that has happened or worries about the future. Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment.

Simply being aware of what is happening right now without wishing it were different. Enjoy the pleasant without holding on when it changes. Being with the unpleaseant and knowing it won't always be this way

The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness helps us not to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past.
  • It can increase our attention to other people’s well-being to help us gain stronger, more meaningful connections.
  • Studies have shown that mindfulness can help our physical and psychological well-being by improving: stress, blood pressure, chronic pain, sleep and depression to name a few.

Mindful Practice

Find a quiet place and get comfortable. Press play to relax and listen to this 14 minute mindfulness audio recording called The Still Lake

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